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How to campaign on the energy crisis

07 Apr 2022

The horrifying war in Ukraine has caused oil and gas prices to soar even higher and shone a spotlight on the pre-existing problems in the UK's energy system. The cost to heat and power our homes is skyrocketing, pushing millions more people into hardship. All while fossil fuel companies announce record profits. So what can we do about it? This guide explains what’s going on, who’s responsible and how we can respond.

Latest news on the Policing Bill campaign

04 Apr 2022

The government's Police Bill is in the final stages of its passage through parliament.

How to campaign for better environmental targets

13 May 2022

Find out how you can make sure the government sets out ambitious plans for immediate, tangible changes on the all big threats to nature.

Our statement on the war in Ukraine

17 Mar 2022

Friends of the Earth stands in solidarity with everyone suffering from the devastating impacts of the invasion of Ukraine.

Why we should campaign on international causes

06 Apr 2022

Members from the network share why showing solidarity with international causes is vital to our fight for people and planet.

How to talk about flooding

21 Feb 2022

This guide will provide you with some key messaging and resources to talk about flooding across the UK.

What the latest IPCC report tells us

03 Mar 2022

On 28 February, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) launched their latest global report on the climate crisis. Read on for a summary of the report and how you can communicate about it.

Latest news on the Climate Action campaign

16 Mar 2022

New resources to campaign on the May 2022 local elections.

Why solidarity matters

09 Aug 2022

We often hear the word solidarity but what is it and why does it matter when it comes to environmental justice campaigning? Read below to find out more.

Gender justice and dismantling patriarchy

15 Mar 2022

A look at Friends of the Earth International's position on Gender Justice and Dismantling Patriarchy.

Food Sovereignty

07 Apr 2022

A look at the work our groups and Friends of the Earth International do on food sovereignty.