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Coronavirus guidance

05 Jun 2020

Our recommendations regarding coronavirus and resources to support you during this time. We will continue to monitor government advice on the subject and will review and update this page accordingly. Please do check back regularly.

Latest news on climate

03 Jul 2020

Ensuring a just recovery from coronavirus.

Latest news on trees

03 Jul 2020

What you can do to highlight the importance of trees during the pandemic, and update on the English Tree Strategy, and more.

Latest news on plastics

09 Jun 2020

Joining the Muslim Council of Britain for Eco-iftar, working with allies to influence Parliament on plastics and more.

Get your council to do more on active travel

21 May 2020External link

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant many of us are spending far more time at home – causing traffic levels to drop, along with air pollution and carbon emissions. Restrictions on travel and movement mean roads are now being used more by walkers and cyclists. We need to keep it that way by ensuring councils re-prioritise the needs of pedestrians and cyclists on our roads.

Safeguard the public voice in planning during the COVID-19 pandemic

01 Jun 2020

COVID-19 is causing widespread disruption to the UK planning system, which is there to ensure that the development and use of land is in the public interest. Recent legislation gave councils new powers to change the way they take planning decisions. This could undermine the public voice in planning and calls into question levels of transparency and democratic oversight of planning decisions.

Monthly local group feature

19 Mar 2020

Our grassroots network is made up of incredible local groups. Each month, we'll showcase a few of these, their key successes, and some top tips from Friends of the Earth staff on how they can keep thriving.

Update from the Board

25 Mar 2020

Board activity and news.