Dirty pensions: is your council funding the climate crisis?

08 Mar 2021

Despite over 75% of local councils declaring a climate emergency, billions of pounds are still invested in planet-wrecking projects through local government pension funds.

Latest news on the climate campaign

30 Mar 2021

As the May elections roll into sight, we’d love to know what you’re planning and support you to make the most of this opportunity. We recently launched an emergency plan on green jobs for young people that could help too. And we’re starting to look a little further ahead towards COP26 this November. 

Introduction to Climate Action groups

05 Sep 2019

Are you a Friends of the Earth local group passionate about fighting climate change? Read on to find out how your Friends of the Earth local group can interact with the Climate Action campaign and Climate Action groups in practice.

Climate change

11 Oct 2019

Climate campaigning guide