Dirty pensions: is your council funding the climate crisis?

Despite the push for councils to declare a “climate emergency” over recent years (with more than 75% having done so), fewer than 5% have committed to divest their pension funds from fossil fuels. 

16 Feb 2021

In 2017, campaigners revealed that local authorities were investing £16 billion in the fossil fuel industry. 

On Tuesday 23 February, along with our partners at Platform and Friends of the Earth Scotland, we will be releasing new data on how much local authority pension funds are investing in fossil fuels. 

The data and corresponding report will be launched on our brand new coalition site – www.divest.org.uk – where you’ll be able to use our data dashboard to explore your local authority's investments, including what proportion of their total pension fund is invested in fossil fuels, how they stack up compared to other funds, and their top ten fossil holdings (i.e. how much money do they have invested in companies like Shell and BP). 

As a Friends of the Earth local group, we want to help you to use the new data to support your existing local government campaigns and increase the pressure on your local authority to divest from fossil fuels and re-invest pensions in the local economy to support socially and environmentally beneficial projects like wind farms, solar power co-operatives and social housing. We’ll be launching an online action for you to write to your councillors and we are also keen to offer support to groups hoping to gain local media coverage or coordinate campaign activity on launch day. 

If you’d like to receive support and resources from UK Divest, link up with other divestment campaigners across the UK, or simply get an advance preview of your authority’s data, get in touch with Rianna at rianna.gargiulo@foe.co.uk