Dirty pensions: is your council funding the climate crisis?

Despite over 75% of local councils declaring a climate emergency, billions of pounds are still invested in planet-wrecking projects through local government pension funds.

08 Mar 2021

New data from Friends of the Earth, Platform and Friends of the Earth Scotland has revealed that UK local authority pension funds are investing around £10 billion in the fossil fuel industry. Meanwhile, fewer than 5% of local councils have committed to fully divest their pension fund. 

Halting the extraction and expansion of fossil fuels is a matter of survival for us all. Our local leaders have a responsibility to act now by divesting from fossil fuels and re-investing pensions in the local economy to support socially and environmentally beneficial projects like wind farms, solar power co-operatives and social housing. 

 Here are some ways we can act:  

Use the data dashboard to explore your local authority's fossil fuel investments in more detail, including what proportion of their total pension fund is invested in fossil fuels, how they compare to other funds, and their top ten fossil holdings. 

Email your local councillor asking them to support divestment: 

If you’d like to receive support and resources from UK Divest or link up with other divestment campaigners across the UK, get in touch with Rianna at [email protected]. We’d love to chat with you about how to use the new figures to support your local campaigns.