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It’s a new year and a new decade – let’s make it a decisive one for the climate.

15 Jan 2020

General Election 2019 – write to your MP

The General Election might seem like a long time ago now, but our new MPs are still only a few weeks into their positions. 

We still have a great chance to make an impression on them, and make sure our new government does all it can to address the climate crisis, as quickly as possible. 

Here are some templates so that you can write to your new MP to congratulate them on their appointment, and remind them to make climate breakdown a priority in parliament. 

Letting our MPs know from the outset that their constituents want them to prioritise the climate is crucial to ensuring they take action. 

We’ve made a template for MPs who took our pledge and a template for those who didn't. You can check if your MP took the pledge here

Get your council to adopt a Climate Action Plan

Councils up and down the country have declared climate emergencies. But what happens next?  

In 2020 we need councils to turn their political promises in to concrete action by adopting a climate action plan – leading the way where the national government continues to fail. 

To help get them started, we’ve created a template Climate Action Plan for councils in England and Wales, with 50 concrete steps they should take. Find out more here.

But they need to know local residents want it – that’s where you come in. We need communities to join together to convince their councils to adopt an ambitious climate action plan. The 50-point plan can be adapted to suit your area – after all, you know best what your community needs. 

And as more and more communities and councils take climate action across the UK, pressure will mount on the national government to do the same.  

Please take a look at the action plan and discuss with your group how you can get it in front of your council as soon as possible.  



Mayoral elections

Over 20% of England’s carbon emissions are produced in areas governed by Metro Mayors and Combined Authorities.

Join our Metro Mayors & Combined Authorities webinar on Thursday 23 January to find out what they do, how they’re vital to tackling the climate emergency, and plan how to put climate change at the heart of the Mayoral election debates in May 2020.