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Ensuring a just recovery from coronavirus.

14 Jul 2020

Lobby your MP for a just recovery from coronavirus

Let's ensure we emerge from the current health crisis into a more just, equal and climate-friendly society.

We're calling for this fairer, greener society alongside other organisations and movements including Build Back Better and the Climate Coalition

At the same time, we've launched the next important phase of our own Climate Action campaign, pushing the UK government for a green and fair recovery out of this pandemic. 

As we begin to re-build after the devastating effects of coronavirus, we find ourselves at a crossroads. A crossroads with two choices.

Do we go back to a society that left us with ever-increasing gaps between rich and poor, huge health inequalities and hurtling towards climate and ecological breakdown? Or do we move forwards to a better future, re-building the foundations of our society and economy so that they work for all of us, and our planet? 

Now is our chance to build back better. We need MPs up and down the country to hear that their constituents want a green and fair recovery plan, and to represent our demands to the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Read our step by step guide to lobbying your MP