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Reflecting on our network's COP26 mobilisation and keeping the pressure on the UK government to stop funding fossil fuels abroad.

25 Nov 2021

COP 26

COP26 ended a few weeks ago. As expected, there were lots of empty attention-grabbing promises from Global North countries and no bold commitments centring those worst affected by climate breakdown. But that doesn't mean there isn't hope for the future. Read more about the COP26 outcome. 

Beyond the official negotiations, the powerful climate justice movement's mobilisation was itself a huge success. World leaders heard loud and clear the voices of millions of people across the planet demanding bold, ambitious and just climate action. Our movement is now bigger and stronger than ever.   

So many of you helped to make this happen. Whether your group joined in on the Global Day of Action or organised other COP-related activities – thank you for making your voices heard.   

If haven’t already, please take a moment before 1 December to let us know about your experience – we only need one response per group.   

And don’t forget to upload your photos to our shared folder – you can also check out what others were up to.    

Challenge the UK’s support for a fossil fuel project in Mozambique

Despite calling on other countries to take action on climate at COP26 recently, the UK continues to fuel the climate emergency. The government is due to provide huge financial support to a massive liquified natural gas (LNG) development in Mozambique.  

Not only is this a climate-wrecking project, it has also been embroiled in conflict and displacement since 2017.   

Daniel Ribeiro from Justiça Ambiental, Friends of the Earth Mozambique, explains the impacts of the project on local people in this short interview

Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland has been given permission to challenge the UK’s decision to support the project in the Royal Courts of Justice on 7 December.    

Withdrawal of government support for this project would be a huge win for the climate justice movement. It’s also vital that we pressure our MPs to send a clear international signal against the abuse of human rights wherever they overlap with government interests. 

By holding a stunt outside your MP’s office on December 7 you can join the groundswell of protest against the Cabo Delgado project and help send a strong message that the UK government must pull funding for the plant.  

Read our action guide to find out how you can get involved on the day. You can also join our action planning session on 1 December (18:30-19:30).  

What next?

COP will have encouraged lots of people to take more action on the climate crisis, so make the most of this to grow your group. Think about organising an intake event and follow up with anyone who wanted to get involved. You can point them to the next Climate Action welcome webinar for an intro to our network.   

Now’s also a good time to regroup and think about what you might want to achieve in 2022. If you’ve been campaigning for a Climate Action Plan from your council and achieved this, what can you do next to keep your council accountable? If your council’s been unresponsive, what other tactics could you try?  

If you need help to plan and deliver your campaign, why not join our dedicated training course starting early January. Whether you’re an experienced campaign group or one that’s newer to the movement, it can help you out to have even greater impact with your local campaigning. 

On this course experienced Friends of the Earth staff and fellow activists will show you how to plan a winning campaign, how to recruit and develop activists, how to build mass support across your community and how to secure your victory. 

The course will consist of eight 90 minute evening workshops taking place from 13 January to 17 March. 

Find out more and register your interest.