Latest news on the climate campaign

Celebrating a successful week of action and next steps for the campaign.

15 Oct 2020

Week of action

From 5-11 October, groups up and down the country took action for a green and fair recovery. And it looked great!   

From Chester to Lambeth, Cardiff to Bury and everywhere in between, groups signposted a better future for their communities. We saw groups meet with their MPs, create engaging online content, gather ideas from their communities and build relationships with new members. Check out #TakeClimateAction and #GreenAndFairFuture on social media for a little taster of just some of the activity.  

In a rapidly changing context, lots of groups had to quickly move actions online. It was incredible to see so much creativity, innovation and determination. We’re confident all this activity has really helped to push a green and fair recovery up the agenda. We also hope it helped us all build new relationships and build power across the network.   

We know that many groups still have meetings with MPs booked in. Keep building on those relationships and do what you can to keep the pressure up.   

Council campaigning   

We will now refocus our campaign on local councils. We need councils to lead by example and adopt a Climate Action Plan. Now is the time to start building a case for change as we work up to the local elections in May 2021. We’ll be sending out more information to Climate Action groups about this in the coming weeks.  

Metro Mayors election 

Do you live in one of the seven areas in England that will elect Metro Mayors in 2021 – Cambridge and Peterborough, Greater Manchester, Liverpool City Region, Tees Valley, West of England, West Midlands and West Yorkshire?

If so, register for our webinar to learn about the role and powers of Metro Mayors and the Mayor of London and explore how we can influence them to take ambitious action on climate. 

Senedd election in Wales 

The Senedd election is coming up in 2021. This is a crucial opportunity to influence future decision makers. How can we campaign for greener, fairer manifestos and candidate commitments based on our recommendations in our Climate Action Plan for Wales?  

If you're in Wales, join the Cymru team for a webinar to help design our election campaign on 3 November at 7pm. Register to attend.

New resources

Building local alliances – Big wins come when diverse groups of people come together to build power. In this guide we'll explain how to find potential allies to work with on your campaigns, and tips and tools for how to go about building those relationships. 

Race and climate reading list – How do race and climate interlink? Why should racial equality be at the heart of the climate movement? If you're struggling to answer these questions, or you'd simply like to learn more about justice issues, we've got some suggested reading for you.

Online kick-off event guidance – Are you new to the Climate Action network and looking to start a group? The first thing we suggest you do is to hold a public meeting to kick things off. Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, we strongly suggest you organise this event online. This guide will help you plan your event.