Latest news on the climate campaign

Refocusing our efforts on securing ambitious Climate Action plans and looking forward to COP26.

16 Jun 2021

Campaigning for ambitious Climate Action plans

With the elections behind us, we’re shifting our focus back on securing strong Climate Action plans from our councils, Metro Mayors and devolved Parliaments.  

If you've had elections in your local area and haven’t yet gotten in touch with your newly elected decision-makers, make sure to welcome them to the role. It’s important to start building a good relationship with them early on, before making demands of them. For council elections, you can use our template letters:

We know some of you have been running excellent campaigns but are met with resistance from your council. While hundreds of councils declared climate emergencies, some of them aren’t following through with the necessary action to tackle the climate crisis. We’re running a special webinar on 26 July to help you deal with unresponsive councils. We’ll explore how you can influence your council to take climate action where direct lobbying isn’t working, take you through some helpful arguments and tactics that should push your council to go further and faster to address climate breakdown. Register to attend. 

Remember to use our handy Near You tool to find lots of facts and figures about how climate-friendly your area is and how local leaders can take stronger action. We’re organising a webinar soon that will introduce you to the Near You tool – look out for it on our training page.  

COP 26

Our next big opportunity to come together as a network to demand change is COP 26 in November, which we’ll be preparing for over the next few months.  

COP26, also called the Glasgow climate talks, will be hosted by the UK. It’s a huge opportunity to shine a light on the actions of governments and to push them on their climate ambition. We’ll be ready to push the UK government harder and to highlight where their action doesn’t match their rhetoric.  

It’s also an exciting moment when we can come together and strengthen our movement in the UK and internationally so that we can head into 2022 more powerful. 

We’re planning mobilisations and actions in our communities, towns and cities as part of the global days of action over the 5 and 6 November. And we’d love your group to get involved. It’s a chance to build skills and understanding around climate justice, strengthen your group through local coalition building and apply pressure to the UK government, in the run up to, during and beyond COP. 

We’ll send out a campaign guide shortly so look out for this to find out more about how your group can get involved.

Climate justice

To meaningfully engage with COP26, we need to properly understand climate justice. Take a look at our climate justice explainer  and get stuck into the new Climate Justice Hub  which is packed with things to read and watch. 

You can also watch our recent webinar on why racial justice is climate justice 

The COP26 Coalition has organised some fantastic events on all things climate justice and you can watch many of them here . They’ve also recorded a webinar series all about the climate talks. Check it out.  

Make sure to also check out these resources: