Action: Show solidarity with communities fighting fracking in Argentina

07 Nov 2019

Despite the moratorium on fracking at home, the UK government continues to support fracking overseas.

Materials and resources

10 Jan 2020

Tools for your campaign to stop fracking

What you can do

12 Sep 2019

Here's how you can support the campaign.

The need for action

12 Sep 2019

What is fracking and why we must stop it from happening in the UK – or anywhere.

Fracking earthquakes: the essential guide

05 Sep 2019External link

Can fracking cause earthquakes? And if so, how serious are they? Surely there are safety regulations? Make sure you're on firm ground with our expert guide.

Latest news on fracking

02 Dec 2019

A huge victory for everyone involved in the fight against fracking.


henry.chown03 Jul 2020

Fracking campaigning guide