Action: Show solidarity with communities fighting fracking in Argentina

Despite the moratorium on fracking at home, the UK government continues to support fracking overseas.

07 Nov 2019

The UK continues to fund fracking overseas

The UK is using funding meant for green energy to support fracking in Argentina. While the moratorium on fracking in England is welcome, it is outrageous that the UK government continues to push this industry on communities elsewhere. 

UK-based companies such as Shell and BP are heavily involved in fracking, supported by the government. One of their main targets is Vaca Muerta in Argentina, the second-biggest shale gas reserve in the world. 

Local communities in Vaca Muerta are fighting fracking. Like communities in the UK, they’re concerned about the impact on their health, the local environment, and climate change.

The Vaca Muerta formation overlaps with ancestral Mapuche territory, and their rights are being infringed on in the interest of Big Oil. And in the rush to frack, workers are dying because of poor labour conditions – there have been 12 deaths at sites across Vaca Muerta in the last 18 months. 

Not only are communities facing human rights abuses as a result of continuous spills and the repression of protests, but exploiting gas reserves there is a potential climate time bomb. We simply can’t be digging for more fossil fuel reserves.  

As fracking hopefully comes to an end in the UK, we must stand in solidarity with communities in Vaca Muerta and elsewhere, and say ‘not here, not anywhere’.

Send a message of solidarity

Can you join us in sending a message of solidarity to communities in Argentina and help shine a light on government hypocrisy?

Here's how to get involved, whether you have 10 minutes or a few hours: 

  • Hold up a message of solidarity and take a photo. There are suggested messages (in English and Spanish) below. Please tweet the photo using the below twitter handles and hashtags. If you’re not on twitter, could you share on another platform like Facebook or Instagram? Please also email us the photo so we can collate them and make sure they get to communities in Argentina. 
  • If you have a bit more time, could you record a short video message and do the same? 
  • If you’ll be with your anti-fracking or climate group sometime soon, could you do this action at a group meeting or event? A group photo or video will be really powerful. Perhaps you could even put the message on a banner for all to hold up? 
  • If you have more time and fancy getting out and about, perhaps there’s a Shell or BP petrol station nearby. You could head there for the photo, helping to draw attention to the behaviour of Shell in Argentina. 

Suggested copy for banner / placard:

‘’Solidarity with communities fighting fracking in Patagonia’’ [Solidaridad con la lucha contra el fracking en la Patagonia]

  • Tweet the picture or video message using @friends_earth, @argsolidarityca and @PlatformLondon

Hashtags: #ArgentinaLibreDeFracking 

Email us a copy with your message and we will collate them and share them with allies and frontline communities in Argentina. It would be great if you could do this between Monday 18 and Friday 22 November, but don’t worry if it’s later.

This call comes from a small alliance – Friends of the Earth England Wales and Northern Ireland, Argentina Solidarity Campaign and Platform. We will be demonstrating outside UK Export Finance in London on Monday 18th November, and will be collecting images to share on the day. It would be brilliant if you’d be able to take this action anytime in the following week. 

Please let us know if you would like any more information (there are links to a background briefing and a news article below) and please do get in touch to let us know if you’re able to join in. 

Here is a link to a background briefing.