Latest news on fracking

A huge victory for everyone involved in the fight against fracking.

02 Dec 2019

Let’s start with the good news. The very good news. The UK government has announced a moratorium on fracking in England.

This is a massive win for Friends of the Earth and communities across the country! This could be the end of the fracking industry in England.

We are so happy for people in communities all over England, in places like Lancashire and Ryedale, who have been fighting the fracking industry for nearly a decade. It has been a great honour for all of us at Friends of the Earth to work with the amazing network of anti-fracking activists right across the country.

The government has also announced that they won’t go forward with proposals to fast track fracking - another huge win for the movement. Fracking is incredibly unpopular, so the industry had been counting on this change to the rules.

This is also great news for the climate at a time when we have declared a climate emergency, meaning we must be doing all we can to ensure that we leave as much of the oil, gas and coal as we can in the ground.

We know that the fight against fossil fuels is not over. Friends of the Earth will continue to call for a full ban on fracking and a stop to all unconventional oil and gas drilling. But let’s enjoy this amazing victory, then carry on the fight until we win.

Action: Show solidarity with communities fighting fracking in Argentina. 

This might be the end for fracking in England, but UK-based companies such as Shell and BP are heavily involved in fracking elsewhere in the world, supported by the UK Government. One of their main targets is Vaca Muerta in Argentina, the second-biggest shale gas reserve in the world.

Not here, not anywhere.

Please join us in sending a message of solidarity to communities in Argentina and help shine a light on government hypocrisy.

P.S. this feels like a great moment to again celebrate the inspiring nanas who have spent years fighting the fracking industry in Lancashire.