What you can do

Here's how you can support the campaign.

12 Sep 2019

People power is crucial to winning the campaign against fracking. Everyone can make a difference and there are many ways you can help - from taking action online in a couple of minutes, to getting involved in a local group and fighting fracking on the ground. We’ve kept the industry at bay for years now by all playing our part in a coordinated campaign. And together we’ll defeat fracking for good.

Take action online

You can make a difference online in just a couple of minutes. Write to the government, telling them to drop fracking.

Lobby your representatives

We need MPs and councils to vote against fracking. If you have a bit more time please write to them, setting out your opposition to fracking. We have guides to lobbying MPs and councillors that you may find useful.

Show solidarity

Showing solidarity for communities affected by fracking can go a long way. You can do so by organising an action and sharing the stories of people fighting fracking on social media. This will in turn encourage more people to support them.

Join the movement

The front line of the movement against fracking is currently at Preston New Road in Lancashire. The resistance is led by a powerful alliance of local people, working to defend their community.

Why not go along to meet these incredible campaigners and express your support for their campaign? Regular events include Green Mondays, which feature lunchtime speakers, and the weekly call for calm led by women in white, held every Wednesday.