General resources

Insurance letter-2021

15 Dec 202094 kB PDF fileDirect download

Insurance letter 2021

Fundraising guidance

12 Oct 2020

Our top tips for raising money effectively while complying with fundraising regulations.

Kale Yeah! frequently asked questions

08 Dec 2020

Are you unsure about any aspect of Kale Yeah!? If so, take a look at the answers to these FAQs.

Template - Planning for the Future consultation

20 Aug 202034 kB DOCX fileDirect download

Template for responding to the Planning for the Future consultation

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

16 Sep 202058 kB DOCX fileDirect download

Local Events Risk Assessment (for duration of the COVID-19 pandemic). This risk assessment is for groups engaging in in-person activity or events during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Temporary Local Group Fund application form

22 Apr 20201.73 MB DOCX fileDirect download

Application form for the Local Group Fund during coronavirus pandemic.

Insurance letter-2020

04 Mar 202075 kB PDF fileDirect download

Insurance letter 2020

Template risk assessment

03 Mar 202090 kB DOC fileDirect download

Template risk assessment

Insurance guidance 2020

03 Mar 2020162 kB PDF fileDirect download

Guidance for groups on insurance cover.

Monthly local group feature

15 Jan 2021

Our grassroots network is made up of incredible local groups. Each month, we'll showcase a few of these and tell you about their recent successes.