Recruit members

Learn how to identify potential members, and recruit them to your local group.

04 Dec 2020

Community mapping

Community mapping helps you get a better picture of who you know and don’t know. Use it to decide who you approach to be a part of your group. Please see our guide on how to find allies for more details.

Build your mailing lists

They are so important for getting people to support your actions and attend your events.

  • Keep your mailing list up-to-date and regularly add to it.
  • Capture people’s contact information at your events.
  • Use social media channels like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to promote your mailing list.

Promote yourself

Plan a regular series of events which you can promote to your mailing lists. Never miss an opportunity to tell your supporters about a success, an event, or an action they can take.

Also, ensure your website and social media channels have up-to-date contact details.

When you organise events, always invite interested people to get involved with you on a longer-term basis. Invite them to your next meeting, let them know if you have any upcoming actions, and most importantly – get their contact details.

Listen to people

Ask them what they are interested in and how they might like to get involved.

Find out what skills they have and think how they could benefit the group.

If someone declines to join your group – or you get the feeling they are unsure – ask them if they'd like to join your mailing list instead. Let them know they are always welcome to get more involved, but don't pressure them.

Top tips

  • Have at least 2 or 3 entries in the diary so you can invite people at one event to the next one.
  • Ask attendees to bring 2 friends with them.
  • Hold your local group meetings at regular slots in the same venue so that people can easily find you. Preferably this location would be agreeable to people from a broad range of backgrounds and cultures, i.e. not a pub.
  • Try and get someone involved who is good at social media.
  • Advertise roles that you need to fill. Turn your weakness into a targeted recruitment drive.

You might find it harder getting people to stay than turn up. Have a look at our How to welcome new members and How to keep your members engaged guides for help with this.