Training and support

An overview of the training and support available to local groups and activists.

24 Aug 2020

Online trainings

We hold regular online workshops, also called webinars, so you can gain the skills and knowledge you need to take action.

Visit the webinar registration form to find out about upcoming workshops and to register.

Training events in England

Coaching for coordinators

We work with local group coordinators to coach them on the goal they set for their campaign or group.

Our coaching programme consists of six one to one phone calls over a period of a few months. We follow the GROW method setting a Goal, assessing the current Reality, considering Options and finding a Way forward.

Open to: Friends of the Earth local group coordinators.

To request: Email us at with the subject “coaching request” and we can arrange a time to speak.

Community organiser training

Community organising is about people power. It's a way of working with others to create change on issues you care about.

We run two-day training courses on community organising in locations across England.

Course Modules:

  • Building Rapport
  • Understanding Power
  • People
  • Teamwork
  • Campaign Planning
  • Campaign Delivery
  • Winning, losing and exit strategies

This course was last run in Winter 2019 in Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds and London.

Participants at training course

Open to: Individual activists in the wider environmental movement, members of Friends of the Earth local groups, and members of Climate Action groups. 

To request: We expect to run the training again in 2020. Dates for upcoming trainings and how to apply will be posted here so check back regularly.

“Roots to Shoots” group development workshops

The aim of these half-day workshops is to develop skills and a strategy in order to grow your group and increase the group’s capacity by organising effectively around a local or national campaign issue and beyond.

The course covers:

  • Setting goals: If your group already has a campaign goal, we'll start there and help you fine-tune it. Otherwise, we’ll help you to choose and focus on a great campaign goal. 
  • Theory of change: We’ll consider who you need to influence, their power, and what their motivations are, in order to identify the best way to effect change. 
  • Strategy and tactics: We’ll work together to generate creative tactics that also involve and develop new people, and to sequence them into a strategy that builds power. 
  • Story and structure: We’ll help you to structure your group to support activist recruitment and scalability, and to craft a compelling and convincing narrative. 
  • Next steps: You’ll leave with a plan of what you want to achieve and how to do it, and we’ll support you with regular coaching to deliver it over the coming weeks and months.  

Open to: Friends of the Earth local groups.

To request: Email us at with the subject “Roots to Shoots request” and we can arrange a time to speak.

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