Training and support

An overview of the training and support available to local groups and activists. Please note all of our in-person training is currently paused due to COVID-19.

04 Aug 2021

Online trainings

We hold regular online workshops, also called webinars, so you can gain the skills and knowledge you need to take action.

Visit the webinar registration form to find out about upcoming workshops and to register.

Training events in England

Coaching for coordinators

We work with local group coordinators to coach them on the goal they set for their campaign or group.

Our coaching programme consists of six one to one phone calls over a period of a few months. We follow the GROW method setting a Goal, assessing the current Reality, considering Options and finding a Way forward.

Open to: Friends of the Earth local group coordinators.

To request: Email us at [email protected] with the subject “coaching request” and we can arrange a time to speak.


Participants at training course


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