Training and support

An overview of the training and support available to local groups and activists.

24 Jan 2022

We know that as local groups you have lots of skills, energy and enthusiasm for campaigning. However, sometimes you might all appreciate a little bit of training and support.  

We have an incredible range of training available for our groups network, with topics ranging from campaign strategy and power mapping, through to in-depth policy analysis and how to keep your group healthy and effective. You can sign up to these trainings as individuals or get your whole group to go along together.  

Alongside the main training programme, we have a range of options which work just with your group or with individuals - have a read through the options and let us know which one would be the right choice for you.  

If you want to ask about any of this or have other questions which you would like to run through with someone, get in touch with your regional or national staff member. If you’re not sure who this is contact [email protected] with your postcode and group. 

Online trainings

We hold regular online workshops, also called webinars, so you can gain the skills and knowledge you need to take action.

Visit the webinar registration form to find out about upcoming workshops and to register.

Event promotion support

If you're organising an event or a campaign action and need help promoting it, we can help by getting the word out to Friends of the Earth supporters near you. Ask your main staff contact for more information about this. 

Local news and updates

Your local staff contact, responsible for supporting groups in your nation or region sends out regular emails to groups they look after. These include reminders about organisational updates, campaign news, key dates for your calendars and information from other groups in your area. It’s essential reading for groups to stay in touch with what’s happening across the network.  

Training for activists in Wales and Northern Ireland

If you're in Wales or Northern Ireland and would like to discuss your group's training needs, please get in touch so we can suggest the best option for you. 

Training for activists in England

Regional online meet-ups 

Most regions host regular online spaces designed to connect groups with each other, share learnings, work together on campaigns and get updates from Friends of the Earth.  You’ll hear about these in your regional emails. 

Coordinator Induction 

If you're new in the role of coordinator we can work with you get a good grounding in the role, ensuring you start with confidence, and establish good practice around communication and distributing work around the group. 

We’d like all new coordinators to go through an induction but can offer this to longer standing coordinators too. If you think you would benefit get in touch. 

Coaching for organisers

We work with anyone taking on a leadership role within a local group to work towards a goal. 

If you chose coaching, you will identify a goal for yourself or your group and over six one-to-one phone calls we will work together towards achieving that goal.  

We follow the GROW method setting a Goal, assessing the current Reality, considering Options and finding a Way forward. 

If you would like to request coaching email us at [email protected] with the subject “coaching request” and we can arrange a time to speak. 


Participants at training course


"Roots to Shoots" group development workshops

Delivered over half a day or two evenings these group development workshop leave you with a clear goal, a set strategy and with a group structure in place that you will be bound to win your campaign.  

This workshop is delivered to your whole group, or a smaller group of core organisers within your group, your choice.  

Course content 

  • Setting goals:  If your group already has a campaign goal, we can focus on that. If not, we’ll help you define one.  

  • Theory of change:  We’ll support you to consider who you need to influence, analysing their motivations and the basis of their power and ours, in order to identify the best way to influence them.  

  • Strategy and tactics:  Having identified how to influence them we’ll work together to generate creative tactics that also engage and develop new people, and to sequence them into strategy that builds power.  

  • Story and structure:  We’ll help you structure your group to support activist recruitment and scalability, and to craft a compelling and convincing narrative.  

  • Next steps:  You’ll leave with a plan of what you want to achieve and how to do it, and we’ll support you with regular coaching to deliver it over the coming weeks and months.   

If your group would like to do a Roots to Shoots Group Development Workshop, email us at [email protected] with the subject "Roots to Shoots request" and we can arrange a time to speak.