Kale Yeah!

Kale Yeah rebalanced menu guide

10 Nov 202012.17 MB PDF file

Download the Kale Yeah! menu guide and help rebalance your menu.

How to launch Kale Yeah!

15 Oct 2020

Guides to launch Kale Yeah! at your university or workplace.

Kale Yeah!: University of Portsmouth pilot

10 Sep 2020

We trialled the Kale Yeah! loyalty scheme at the University of Portsmouth. Here's how it went.

Kale Yeah!: Frequently asked questions

10 Sep 2020

Are you unsure about any aspect of Kale Yeah!? If so, take a look at the answers to these FAQs.

Caterers' toolkit

11 Nov 2020

Are you a chef or caterer who wants to serve more plant-based, vegetarian and vegan dishes? Then read on.

Kale Yeah! - Portsmouth results

07 Oct 2019

So, how did Kale Yeah! go down in Portsmouth? Here are the results after two terms of running the scheme.

Monitoring and feedback

24 Sep 2019

How is your Kale Yeah! scheme doing?

Kale Yeah logo transparent background

15 Aug 2019120 kB PNG fileDirect download

Kale Yeah logo with transparent background

Kale Yeah identity

15 Aug 2019774 kB PPTX fileDirect download

Powerpoint slides containing jpegs of the Kale Yeah logo

Kale Yeah T-shirt poster add your own price

13 Aug 20191.18 MB PDF fileDirect download

Poster for advertising Kale Yeah! T-shirts. This one has a space to write in your own price.