Kale Yeah! caterers' sustainability scheme

What is Kale Yeah!?

Kale Yeah! is a sustainability scheme that encourages and promotes a more plant-based diet.

This guide is for university, college or workplace caterers wanting to boost their menus with appealing plant-based options, while reducing the amount of meat, fish and dairy on offer.

What's involved?

Kale Yeah! is pretty simple. In order to transition to a more plant-based diet in your university or workplace, there are three things caterers can do:

Rebalance menus to shift the focus away from animal products

Incentivise plant-based eating by launching a loyalty scheme

Promote healthy, ethical and sustainable menus all year.

What we can offer you

Kale Yeah! resources have been designed to help caterers implement and promote a meat reduction plan successfully. They include:

Katie in student bar holding KaleYeah! promotional materials Friends of the Earth

Why the need?

Meat and dairy production, particularly from intensive systems, have a huge impact – on the planet, on climate emissions, our health and animal welfare.

In the UK we eat twice as much meat as the global average. Government advisory body, the Committee on Climate Change, recommends that we "reduce [...] the consumption of beef, lamb and dairy by at least 20% per person."

Public Sector Catering magazine is encouraging the catering industry to play its part by launching a campaign for 20 per cent less meat on the menu in schools, universities, hospitals etc. 

Friends of the Earth and allies in the Eating Better alliance say we need to go further, and halve meat and dairy consumption and production by 2030 to meet climate goals, and improve our health. Less and better meat and dairy is key.

Veganism and flexitarianism are on the rise. But there are still social and cultural barriers to eating less meat.

Fulfilling customer demand

Today’s students are mostly millennials. They're informed, discerning and demanding. They want their food to be healthy and to fuel physical activity as well as brain-power. They're adventurous in their tastes and enjoy exciting culinary experiences. They're also concerned about sustainability and animal welfare.

These factors combined are helping to drive two of the biggest dietary trends of our time: flexitarianism and plant-based eating.

Kale Yeah! is a meat reduction initiative that aligns with these trends. It's not about taking away choice, variety or satisfaction, it's about serving delicious, healthy and sustainable food that keeps customers coming back for more.

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