Monitoring and feedback

How is your Kale Yeah! scheme doing?

24 Sep 2019

1. Analyse your till data

If you have an electronic scheme, you'll be able to look at your till data to see what the uptake has been over time. Monitor the term before launching to identify the proportion of vegetarian/vegan v meat/fish meals you sell. This will give you a baseline against which to monitor any change.

2. Café conversations

Ask Kale Yeah! ambassadors to chat to students informally in the cafe(s) after the launch. It's a great way to find out what people think and if you need to do more promotion or adapt anything.

In Portsmouth, we learned that students were unclear how to take part in the scheme. So we produced a sticker to add to the posters which said "Just scan your Loyalty card". This was then incorporated into the poster design (and is editable via the poster template here).

3. Survey of awareness

After a term or two, carry out a survey to find out what levels of awareness there are of Kale Yeah!, what students think of it, and what impact it has had on their behaviour.

Below is a set of questions we used in Portsmouth at the end of the first term.

You can use one of the free survey tools, such as Typeform or Surveymonkey, or check with the Students Union, they may have their own survey software.

Incentivising the survey with a small prize helps encourage people to take part.

Kale Yeah! monitoring survey questions

Thank you for taking part in this short survey gathering feedback about a new scheme at [your institution].  

[At the end of the survey you will be asked to enter your email in order to enter a prize draw to win £50 and/or a Kale Yeah! T-shirt].    

1. Are you  

- Student (Year, PT/FT)  

- Staff  

- Other 

2. Are you 

- Male 

- Female 

- Identify another way

3. Which age bracket do you belong to?  

18 – 24  

25 – 34  

35 – 44  

45 – 54  

55 – 64  

65 – 74  


4. Please choose the answer that best describes your current dietary habits 

- I eat meat, fish and dairy 

- I am pescatarian (eat fish and dairy but no meat) 

- I am vegetarian (eat dairy but no meat or fish) 

- I am vegan (eat no animal products) 

- I am flexitarian/ reducetarian (Don’t eat much meat/am actively reducing the amount of meat I eat) 

- Other (don’t need to specify) 

5. How often do you go to a [your institution's café] for food or drinks? 

-  More than 3 times a week 

-  Between 1-3 times a week 

-  Less than once a week 

-  Never 

  6. How would you rate the vegetarian options on offer on a scale of 1-5 on the following:  

- Taste (1- Not at all appealing 5-Very tasty )  

- Price (1- Too expensive  5-The right price)  

- Choice (1- Not enough options  5- Lot of options)  

- I haven’t tried the vegetarian options  

7. Have you heard of the  KALE YEAH! loyalty scheme running in cafes? 

A: Yes, and I know what it’s about – go to Q8 
B: Yes, but I’m not sure what it’s about – go to Q11 
C: No – go to Q11 

8. Have you redeemed a free meal through the scheme 

- Yes

What did you choose as your free meal?

a) Meat  b) Fish  c) Veggie  

- No  

9. Does the scheme make you more likely to choose a vegetarian meal/sandwich over a meat based meal in the canteen?  

- Yes  

- No  

10. Has the scheme made you more likely to try veggie options elsewhere? (tick all that apply) 

Yes. I’ve cooked a veggie meal when I would have normally opted for meat or fish  

Yes. I’ve chosen a veggie option in a café or restaurant outside the university  

No. I am not inclined to choose veggie or vegan food  

No. I was already likely to choose veggie/vegan food  

Skip to Q 14 


If Q7 - answered B or C 

11. KaleYeah! Is a loyalty scheme being run by [your institution], inspired by Friends of the Earth. The scheme aims to get students to reduce their meat intake as this can have environmental, health and financial benefits.  

Kale Yeah! rewards you with a free meal of your choice after you have bought 6 vegetarian meals or sandwiches which is monitored and redeemed through scanning your student/staff card whenever you make a purchase.    

Knowing this...  

12. Would the scheme make you more likely to choose a vegetarian meal over a meat based meal?  

- Yes  

- No  

13. Would the scheme make you more likely to eat in the university outlets than elsewhere? 

- Yes  

- No  




14. Where do you find out about what’s happening at university – e.g. events, offers 

- social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc  

- advertising on campus – e.g. posters 

- word of mouth  

- students union website  

- other   

15. Is there anything else that would motivate you or has motivated you, to eat less meat? (top 3 in order of priority) 

- health benefits associated with eating less meat  

- concern about the impact of meat production on climate change and the environment  

- concern about the conditions in which animals are reared  

- to save money  

- religious reasons / preferences  

- other  

- none of these – I wouldn’t be willing to change my diet at all 

16. What else could we do to improve awareness of the scheme? 

(Free text field)

[If you are happy to be contacted in the future to give further feedback about the scheme and help us improve it, please leave your email address below]. 


[If you would like to be entered into the prize draw for a chance to win £50 and/or a KaleYeah! T-shirt please leave your email address below]. 

Kale Yeah!