Stop the use of harmful pesticides

Help secure an effective plan to stop pesticide use.  

21 Jan 2021

2021 got off on the wrong foot as the government allowed the temporary "emergency" use of a banned bee-harming neonicotinoid pesticide on some farms. This is a direct threat to our wildlife and our environment. And it’s part of a much wider problem – the rising use of pesticides instead of farmers being helped to farm with nature. 

We’ve now got a valuable opportunity to turn things around. The government is consulting on its new pesticides action plan. And thanks to campaigning from many organisations, including local Friends of the Earth groups, the government has already been forced to commit to setting pesticide reduction targets.  

But there’s still a lot to be done to make the plan fit for purpose. And we expect the pesticides industry will be lobbying to weaken the plan.  

We need to make sure this plan includes:  

  • pesticide reduction targets that are ambitious enough to reduce environmental harm  

  • a commitment to phase out the use of pesticides in our parks, schools and streets   

  • support to help farmers reduce their pesticide use  

  • a commitment to keep any existing EU bans on harmful pesticides and chemicals, including neonicotinoids  

We have a valuable opportunity to make sure this plan is as strong as it needs to be – the government is running a consultation. But it closes at the end of February, so we must act quickly.  

We’ve written a draft email which we would encourage you to edit.

Now's the time to keep up the pressure and secure an effective plan to stop pesticide use.  

For more info or support in adapting the consultation, please contact: [email protected]