What does nature mean to you?

We’d love to see photographs of what nature means to you and your community, whether that’s positive or negative.   

05 Jul 2021

Getting an insight into what nature means to you and your group will really help us get some ideas for the new nature campaign we’re developing. ​

Pockets of nature and wild spaces are all around us, but often they're out of reach, under threat or remote from people's lives. 

We know that environmental problems hit poorer communities and people of colour hardest. Unequal access to nature and green space is part of this.  

We're collecting photographs taken by people in our network of local groups that illustrate these issues, and show what people are doing about it.

Your photo can be: ​ 

  • A celebration of nature near you, highlighting a much-loved local wildlife spot.  
  • It could be a bit of park that has been allowed to grow wild, or nature finding a way to flourish in the city landscape. 
  • A comment on an absence of nature in your immediate surroundings, or showing an area that is under threat.​ 
  • An image that highlights the difficulty of accessing nature in your community.​ 
  • A contrast between an area with access to nature and an area without. 
  • An activity you or your group are doing to tackle these issues, or connect more people with nature. 

How to take part

Go out into your local area, your neighbourhood, or further afield, and take a photo that captures what nature means to you and your community.  

Email your photo to us at [email protected] or tweet them and tag @FOE_Community

We'll post the ones we receive here so you can see what others have submitted. 

Poppies growing on a pavement

Photo by @GreenKaren365

Nature taking over in Chester

Photo by @AlisonShearerK

Keep out sign on a gate in front of a field

Photo by @howardwhitehead 

Contrasting wildflower verges at Elephant and Castle, South London