Our statement on the war in Ukraine

Friends of the Earth stands in solidarity with everyone suffering from the devastating impacts of the invasion of Ukraine.

17 Mar 2022

We’re in touch with colleagues and allies in both Ukraine and Russia, and we stand with Friends of the Earth International in calling for a peaceful and diplomatic long-term solution to the invasion. We demand an immediate ceasefire, the withdrawal of Russian invasion forces and the initiation of a peace building process aiming for a political solution.   

The Friends of the Earth vision is one of a peaceful and sustainable world based on societies living in harmony with nature and built upon peoples' sovereignty and participation. We stand against all wars around the world, whether in Ukraine or elsewhere, and against the fossil fuel industry that often drives and profits from violent conflict.  

Many of us will be feeling overwhelmed and concerned both about the humanitarian impacts of this war for the people of Ukraine, as well as the escalating energy crisis and the potential impact this will have on the climate emergency. It’s completely fine to step back and take the time you need to look after yourself if you feel this way.  

For those of us who are campaigning right now, we’re here to help you keep up the struggle for climate and social justice. As a result of the war, we’ve seen the energy crisis come much more sharply into focus. We know that the best way to gain energy security and help cash-strapped households is to move to clean, homegrown renewable energy as quickly as possible, and improve the energy efficiency of our housing stock. We also know that public opinion is on our side. We’ll continue to support our groups in calling for the real solutions to environmental breakdown and social injustice.  

We recognise and empathise with local group and Climate Action group members who may wish to help those directly affected by the violence in Ukraine. In this instance, we’d strongly encourage you to support organisations and initiatives set up to deal with disaster relief. In particular: 

As we navigate the uncertainty of the coming months, we offer our heartfelt hope that each and every person suffering the impact of conflict and injustice is met with kindness, compassion and support, and that as a global community we can work towards a peaceful and sustainable world for all.