Update from the UN climate talks

Coming at the end a year in which the climate crisis shot up the political and public agenda, the UN climate talks in December 2019 should have seen governments stepping up to stop climate breakdown. Unfortunately not.

16 Jan 2020

The gap between what governments are proposing and what scientists and people all over the world have been calling for, has never been so clear.

At COP25, countries with the most responsibility for causing climate breakdown tried to get out of cutting emissions by forcing through a dodgy deal on carbon markets – buying and selling emissions reductions instead of actually reducing emissions.

They failed this time, but the deal is still on the table and will be addressed again at the 2020 talks. We need real emissions reductions rather than clever accounting.

On the other hand, countries badly in need of help to deal with the climate crisis were refused this support, despite already experiencing the catastrophic impacts of climate breakdown.

This November, the climate talks come to Glasgow. This means 2020 is a crucial year for building support for our Climate Action Plan by pressuring our government to step up to stop climate breakdown.

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