This guide is designed to support you in your campaigns against plastic pollution where you live. 

Whether you’re working with cafes to get them to ditch plastic cups and straws, lobbying your council to take action or getting people in your community to use less plastic, it all helps to reduce plastic in our environment.

The need for action is clear: plastic pollution is choking our oceans and harming much loved sea creatures. 

We can’t recycle our way out of this mess - we need to be using far less plastic in the first place. That’s why we’re calling for a phase out of all but the safest and most essential uses of plastic

Please let us know if there are any extra resources or advice you need. And send any feedback to

I’d like to wish you all the best with your campaigns and can’t wait to hear all about them. Together we can put an end to plastic pollution and protect our planet.

Plastics Campaigner

Drastic on plastic leaflet

05 Sep 20194.4 MB PDF fileDirect download

Get Drastic on Plastic pamphlet

What you can do

30 Oct 2019

What you can do in your local area to help tackle plastic pollution.

Latest news on plastics

05 Nov 2020

Final plastics update and fond farewells from the team.


02 Feb 2021

Plastics campaigning guide

Materials and resources

21 Sep 2020

You can order resources, including stickers, leaflets and posters to support your campaigning with our

Lobby your MP and local authority

04 Dec 2019

To really make a difference, the government must lead the way.

5 short films about plastic

11 Jan 2019

If you’re hosting an event or want something to get people thinking and talking about plastic at your meeting, here’s 5 short films about plastic that could help.

Host a screening of A Plastic Ocean

11 Jan 2019

Screening a film about an issue is a great way to engage lots of people in the community. Everyone loves films and going along to a screening can be a really nice - and gentle - way for them to get involved.