We need urgent action from the government to tackle plastic pollution. 

If we all work together to send a message to politicians that something must be done to reduce the amount of plastic we produce, they will have to take notice. 

There are lots of ways you can push plastic pollution up the agenda in your community. Here are the top two things we suggest your group does to put pressure on the government to take action.

1) Lobby your MP or council to take actionWe need a new law to phase out plastic pollution, and your elected representatives can help make it a reality. 

2) Organise an event in your community. By getting the word out where you live through an event such as a film screening, you can create change and rally new people to your campaign.  

Here are a few other ways you can tackle plastic pollution near you:

1) Organise a beach or urban clean up. By getting people together to clean up the town, you can engage them in taking action to tackle plastic pollution. Then they'll be more likely to join your campaign and take further action such as contacting their MPs.

2) Work with local businesses to get them to ditch single-use plastics. Talking to cafes and shops to ask them to stop using throwaway plastic is a great way to make a visible difference in the community and build alliances locally.

3) Talk to local event spaces such as sporting venues. Getting sporting venues to ditch single-use plastic is a really powerful way to reduce plastic in the area and get more people on your side (more resources to support this coming soon). Please sign our petition to kick plastics out of sport.