Green Jobs Summit template press release

09 May 202226 kB DOCX fileDirect download

A template press release to promote your Green Jobs Summit.

How to organise and host your own Green Jobs Summit

10 May 2022

Our handy guide will help you and your group to organise your own Green Jobs Summit.

Gender justice and dismantling patriarchy

15 Mar 2022

A look at Friends of the Earth International's position on Gender Justice and Dismantling Patriarchy.

What the latest IPCC report tells us

03 Mar 2022

On 28 February, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) launched their latest global report on the climate crisis. Read on for a summary of the report and how you can communicate about it.

Finance management template

21 Feb 202225 kB XLSX fileDirect download

Includes a template cash book and financial statement. Use these to create your own in order to manage your group's finances.

Why we should campaign on international causes

06 Apr 2022

Members from the network share why showing solidarity with international causes is vital to our fight for people and planet.

Risk assessment template

24 Jan 202229 kB DOCX fileDirect download

Download and complete this template risk assessment before organising any event.

Local group charter

09 Jun 202281 kB PDF fileDirect download

Local groups work in partnership with the national Friends of the Earth body to promote our shared vision while enjoying some autonomy in their local campaigning activity. The parties function in harmony with one another under a set of values and behaviours outlined in this charter.

Employers liability insurance certificate

06 Jan 2022121 kB PDF fileDirect download

Employers liability insurance certificate

Public & products liability insurance certificate

06 Jan 202297 kB PDF fileDirect download

Public & products liability insurance certificate