English Tree Strategy letter

18 May 2020221 kB PDF fileDirect download

English Tree Strategy letter

Doubling tree cover in Portsmouth

19 Feb 2020348 kB PDF fileDirect download

Portsmouth FOE report on increasing tree cover

Campaign guide: How to double tree cover in your area

09 Mar 2020

You can help protect the climate and restore nature by reforesting your area. This guide explains how to get your council to grow more trees in your neck of the woods.

Materials and resources

05 Sep 2019

Materials and resources for the trees campaign

Keep in touch

04 Sep 2019

Keep in touch

What you can do to double tree cover

10 Jan 2020

What you can do to double tree cover

Get your council to double tree cover

09 Sep 2019175 kB PDF fileDirect download

This contains advice on who best to speak to in your council, links to data on what land is owned by councils, and suggestions for getting your council to commit to doubling tree cover.

Protect trees, woodlands and hedgerows

04 Sep 2019162 kB PDF fileDirect download

How to use Tree Preservation Orders and hedgerow regulations to help prevent trees and hedges near you being destroyed.

Latest news on trees

19 May 2020

What you can do to highlight the importance of trees during the pandemic, and update on the English Tree Strategy, and more.

What you can do

04 Sep 2019

What you can do.