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With all the negative news headlines – including the bushfires raging in Australia – it’s easy to feel despair. But we can all still make a difference.  

15 Jan 2020

You can help prevent climate breakdown and restore wildlife by doubling tree cover in your area.  

To get more trees in your neck of the woods, it’s vital to get your local council on your side. So check out our new guide on how to get your local council to double tree cover.

Setting up a local petition is a great way to demonstrate public support in your area for doubling tree cover. Let us know if you’d like to create one by emailing us at

What are local groups doing? 

Here are some highlights of what local groups are doing to get their councils to double tree cover: 

  • Oxford Friends of the Earth’s petition to double local tree cover has over 1,000 signatures, and they’ve already got lots of councillors on board.  

  • In South Wales, Torfaen Friends of the Earth is working with councillors to plant 70,000 trees.Have you contacted your councillors about doubling tree cover? 

  • West Dorset Friends of the Earth is screening our mini-documentary series about trees that waspresented by Dan Snow. Would you like to organise a film screening about trees? 

  • Students in Derby are planning to make sustainable wood bracelets for people who support the campaign. Have you got any ‘craftivism’ ideas related to trees? 

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