Latest news on the trees campaign

New findings on natural climate solutions in England's national parks, and planning our new nature campaign.

15 Oct 2020

Latest news

We’ve just published a new report about trees and other natural climate solutions in England's national parks. Our national parks were once filled with wild woods and temperate rainforest, but now total woodland cover in national parks is less than 15%. 

Some of the most iconic national parks like Yorkshire Dales, the Peak District and the Lake District have less woodland cover then major cities like London, Leeds and Sheffield respectively.  

If you live in or near a national park, you can help tackle the nature and climate crisis by: 

  • Emailing your local National Park Authority to share our report and ask them to set an ambitious woodland cover target. 

  • Writing a letter to your local newspaper, calling for more trees and other natural climate solutions in your national park. 

And now for some good news. Water UK – the association of water companies – has publicly supported our demand to double tree cover in England. Continuing to add pressure on top of all the responses from local groups to the England Tree Strategy consultation, they signed on to a joint letter to Forestry Minister Zac Goldsmith demanding more ambition in the Strategy.  

The government has not yet finalised the England Tree Strategy following the consultation. We’ll keep you in the loop when we hear more about this. 

New nature campaign

Over the next few months we’ll begin winding down our national trees campaign which will close at the end of December, so that we can transition to an exciting new nature campaign next year. 

The trees campaign was designed to increase the government's ambition on tree cover which we have aimed to do through influencing the England Tree Strategy. Now that this opportunity is almost over, we feel it's the right time to look for new influencing opportunities.  

We want to thank all of you who have helped put pressure on the government through lobbying your councils and MPs, local tree planting, responding to the consultation and loads more. You have all helped in showing the government just how much support there is for doubling tree cover. 

We’ve thrown as much pressure as we possibly can to get the government to drastically increase their tree targets, and deliver them in the right way, and we will continue to do so over coming months. 

We will of course continue to support you to campaign for increased tree cover at a local level as part of our climate action plan for councils. If you haven’t already, you can join this campaign by registering as a Climate Action Group

If you have any thoughts or questions about winding down the trees campaign, please get in touch with us.

Our new nature campaign will look at how we can tackle the ecological crisis in a way that is socially just. If you have ideas for what this campaign should focus on we’d love to hear them – email Rose on

Keep in touch

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