What you can do

What you can do.

04 Sep 2019

Our campaign strategy is outlined below. Our thinking on tactics is always evolving but we've produced resources to support local action to double tree cover.

We’d love to hear any thoughts you might have on our strategy, any plans you might have to use resources and your suggestions for how we could improve them so we can offer useful support as the campaign progresses. Please get in touch by emailing trees@foe.co.uk or, if you’re on the Climate Action Slack channel, message us directly on #trees

Our campaign strategy

In a nutshell, our strategy seeks to catalyse change. Planting and protecting trees is not a new idea, but the scale and ambition required to stop runaway climate change and reverse nature decline is.  

The first phase of this campaign (June 2019-June 2020) will focus on achieving UK-wide public support for Friends of the Earth’s call to double tree cover by 2045.

We need to build strong, diverse coalitions calling for a doubling of UK tree cover. Crucially, we need to make the case for tree-friendly farming by building support from a range of farmers as 70% of the UK is farmland. And we're keen to work with you to identify and influence leading local authorities to pledge to double tree cover.

Getting commitments to double tree cover is part of our Climate Action Plan for local authorities, which groups working on the Climate Action campaign might also be working on.

The second phase (June 2020 – December 2020) will channel this pressure to secure a UK Government to commit to double tree cover.

What you can do

Local groups can help in many ways. We've suggested a few things that you could do below. But it's for your group to figure out what kind of role you'd like play in the movement to double tree cover, and how you'd like to contribute towards the campaign aim. For example, if you’ve got trees in danger of being felled then focusing on tree protection might be a priority.  Here are some ideas:

  1. by using laws to prevent trees and hedges near you being destroyed - click here to download our guide
  2. by persuading your local authority to pledge to double tree cover - click here to download our guide - which is major part of the Climate Action Plan we're calling on all local authorities to adopt
  3. by demonstrating what’s possible - from ensuring existing trees are protected, to planting more trees - please tell us about your campaigning by emailing trees@foe.co.uk so that we can spread the word
  4. by promoting our petition calling on UK Government to commit to double the UK's tree cover by 2045 to tackle the climate emergency
  5. by building the movement to double tree cover, engaging locally to build diverse coalitions - click here to access resources to support kick-off events and email climateaction@foe.uk if you need any help

We also know that many local groups are already doing amazing work on trees, and in some cases have been doing to for many years.

We're keen to support local campaigns, to learn from your experiences and to facilitate sharing of knowledge across our network.

Throughout the campaign we hope to showcase more stories of community action on trees, and explore connections between struggles from local to global.

If you'd like to share your story please email trees@foe.co.uk