Welcome to Friends of the Earth's campaigning resources site – your one-stop shop for all the information and materials you need to campaign on key environmental issues. 

The campaigning guides will walk you through the problems we face, how we can solve them, and what you can do. These cover Friends of the Earth's current priority campaigns: 

  • Tackling the climate emergency 
  • Doubling tree cover
  • Ending plastic pollution.  

You'll also find some general resources to support your campaigning, including how-to guides on key skills, important policies and guidance, information on applying for a grant from the local group fund, and how to order materials.  

And the latest section pulls out the most recent updates from each priority campaign as well as other news. 


These are unsettling times for us all, particularly the most vulnerable in our society. The most important thing you can do right now is to keep yourself, and the wider community, safe. 

We're asking groups to continue holding meetings online for the time being and refrain from organising any in-person campaign activity.

Some of you may not feel able or willing to take action at the moment, and that's absolutely fine. Others will want to carry on being active – either by supporting their community during the pandemic or by adapting your existing campaigning. We’ve created resources to help you do both.